Revolver Fashion is now Funstigators™

Way back in 2013, founders Cookie and Jesse Steele were attending festivals, parties, and other events in clothes they made for themselves. So many people loved them and wanted them that they started making them to sell on Etsy and Revolver Fashion was born!

Where did “Revolver Fashion” come from? 

The way we define it, a Revolver is a person who continually evolves (and re-evolves) to re-discover and love their authentic self. Over the years, we got to do so many incredible things as Revolver! We toured the west coast festival circuit vending, learned an amazing amount about the world of fashion, we had tons of incredible people get in our pants and go out in the world causing fun and mischief, and we totally freaked out the first Burning Man we saw a complete stranger in our pants! We’ve had a lot of good years, a lot of amazing nights, and made a lot of great friends as Revolver Fashion. 

“But I liked Revolver! Why did it change?”

We keep evolving as founders and so does our company. We spent the last year really taking a hard look at who we want to be for the world, and realized that we ourselves had (re)evolved beyond that name. We wanted a brand name that really clearly represented who we were as a tribe, what we stood for, and who we wanted to be for the world. 

Our mission, at its core, is this: To instigate fun. Everywhere. Everyday. 

The Future of Fünstigators 

Funstigators is about community, not just clothing (though our clothing is faaaabulous!!!). We are building a culture of fun, self-expression, and being an influence for play in the world! We are taking a look at our impact on the environment, ways to continue to produce ethically and more sustainably, and for how we can support real causes that leave a legacy beyond sparkly pants. 

Fun. Joy. Celebration. Love. Every day for years to come.

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