What Is A Funstigator™?

What is a Fünstigator?

By Fun HQ


Let's start with textbook definitions:

Fun (n): Lighthearted pleasure, amusement, enjoyment (Yes, that tracks. We take fun very seriously!).
Instigator (n): A person who brings about or initiates something (Okay, yes…) 
Voila! A person who instigates fun! A catalyst for joy! A spark that lights the fire of fun everywhere!


So, the better question then might be: 

Who is a Funstigator?

Simply put: You are! Some of you know it already, some of you are just discovering it now. Either way, welcome to the team! Let’s have a party to celebrate who ü are for the world!

Funstigators instigate FUN ever day in every way!
A Funstigator is a catalyst for joy
a person who generates celebration and 
sparks something bigger out in the world. 

Are you the person who always looks for the humor in things? 

Do you want to create smiles at the DMV? At the doctor’s office? 

Do you wear fun socks and superhero undies to make life more fun? 

Do you want to dance and party because it’s Tuesday???

Then YES! More of that! We want you to be that spark. Fünstigators creates products that are a catalyst for joy in you, and then you ignite fun in others, who spark celebration in still others, and then, before we know it, the whole planet will be laughing, celebrating, and sparkling together! 

How are we gonna do it? One sparkle at a time. It starts with loving and expressing yourself, completely authentically. YOU are enough exactly the way you are, completely original, a one of a kind gift to the world. 

What are we going to do? WE can work together to make the world an easier place to just be you, for everyone. Take a fashion risk! (Shiny pants are a great equalizer!) Decide what you care about and look for ways you can make a difference. Fünstigators look for opportunities to instigate fun in any situation. Part of the Fünstigators mission is to take on big issues that are sometimes not-so-fun and look at them in a new, positive way. Maybe you organize a charity Roller Disco to fight Breast Cancer. Organize a Booty Short Beach Cleanup. Have Pajama Slumber Party Food Drive with your friends. When you start to think from the frame of “FUN” you can add that spoonful of sugar to anything you’re doing. (That's what Funstigation Nation is all about!)

* Let your fun flag fly! *
Fight fascism with fabulousness!
* Practice GRATITUDE! *
Celebrate celebration!
* Love life every day! *
YOU are the party you’ve been waiting for! *

Anyone can become a Funstigator

It doesn’t matter who you are, all it takes is the intention to instigate some fun in your world! When you put on Funstigators gear, we want you to own it, show it, share it. 

Are you a Funstigator? Drop us a line (with pictures of course) of how you funstigate in the world! 


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