About Us

We are Cookie and Jesse, a husband and wife team with decades of sewing and design experience between us and a passion for clothing as a means of self expression. We love music festivals and are always looking for any excuse to get dressed up and go play and attending events like Burning man and EDC really first inspired us to create freely, dream big, and express ourselves fully and openly.

Our combined passion for unique clothing led us to start our company in 2013 as Revolver Fashion. It began with us creating clothing for ourselves for music festivals and raves and when people kept asking for us to sell our gear, we decided to give it a go! Our company grew one pair of leggings at a time, at first purchasing fabric by the yard for each individual order, Jesse cutting each pair out by hand, and Cookie sewing them on the dining room table, eventually getting an overlock machine (the “fancy” professional looking stitches), and dipping our toes in professional manufacturing with our Kickstarter in 2014. Jumping to today, we produce with our local LA small manufacturing teams and still design everything in house. Oh how far we’ve come!

We realized over the years that FUN is really at the heart of our brand and that our mission is to create JOY, FREEDOM, and SELF EXPRESSION and we renamed our brand Funstigators™ (Funstigator™) in January 2020 with that mission in mind. While we design for everyone, our real specialty is men's wear. Fantastical, colorful, hand crafted, and jubilant, our brand focuses on making clothing to help everyone express their most fabulous selves!

About Our Team

We’ve outgrown our dining room table, but still believe in USA MADE, small batch products. We buy most of our fabrics from local importers who’s consistent quality we can trust and we work closely with a few smaller family owned and operated production houses who help us professionally pattern & fit, cut, sew, & package all of our products here in Los Angeles, California.