Funstigators™, originally founded in 2013 as Revolver Fashion, is all about you being exactly who you are. We make gear for the self expressed, the acro machines, the marathon runners, the circus clowns, the sparkle unicorns, costume kings & queens, sunrise chasers, full moon followers, kidults and kids alike.


Our products are anything but ordinary. We use the highest quality performance fabrics available and use special sewing techniques and specialized thread for maximum stretch and strength. Each garment is lovingly made in Los Angeles, California in small batches and joyfully designed in-house with fun in mind.
From festivals to everyday streetwear, we focus on making products that are eye-catching, comfortable, and strong enough to play full out in, whatever your game in life is.


If your ever need stitching repairs, send them back to us and we will repair them for you ***NO CHARGE*** for the lifetime of your product!

While we use the best sewing techniques we can, stuff happens when you play full out! We want you to buy new products when you want something different, not because you popped a seam. If you experience a popped seam, undone hem, or other sewing repairs, we will fix it for you as long as the garment is in good enough condition for us to do so. If we can help fight fast fashion by giving you a little extra life in your products, then we will. No joke.
(This applies for sewing repairs only. We do not offer shortening/hemming, tailoring, or fabric repairs.)