SideWinder Snake Holographic Meggings // Pink or Blue Snake Skin Leggings

$54 $69
Waist size:

Sidewinders are our popular snake leggings just cut sideways. This limited run is selling at a discount.
This spandex fabric is a nice snake skin print that shines with color when the light hits it. A fine addition to any man's music festival outfit.
*No actual sparkly pink snakes were harmed in the making of these leggings*

Funstigators clothing is designed and handmade in Los Angeles, California in small batches!  

  • High Quality 4-way Sport Spandex  
  • Comfortable 1.5" Elastic waistband  
  • Music festivals, yoga, out on the town, great for it all!
  • **Handwash this holographic fabric for longest product life**

Men's Sizing
S: Men's pant: 30 (Butt: 34-36") // Inseam 31"
M: Men's pant: 32 (Butt: 37-40") // Inseam 32"
L: Men's pant: 34 (Butt: 41-44") // Inseam 33"
XL: Men's pant: 38 (Butt: 44-48") // Inseam 33"

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