Striped Rainbow Daze : Holographic Tie-Dye Rainbow Meggings - UV Blacklight Reactive Men's Leggings

$69 $80
Waist size:

These are based on our original Rainbow Daze pants but instead the rainbow flows down instead of across the body. Due to this, as it is a dyed fabric, you may get different colors in front, side, or back than is pictured. We have 2 different size medium's pictured here to show you how the variations could be.

These Rainbow Daze leggings are made with one of our new favorite fabrics! The abstract triangular hologram looks super trippy on top of the tie-dye rainbow base material, and the rainbow GLOWS under UV Blacklight! You won't be missed at your next party!

Funstigators clothing is designed and handmade in Los Angeles, California in small batches!  

  • High Quality 4-way Sport Spandex  
  • Comfortable 1.5" Elastic waistband  
  • Music festivals, yoga, out on the town, great for it all!
  • **Handwash this holographic fabric for longest product life**

Men's Sizing
S: Men's pant: 30 (Butt: 34-36") // Inseam 31"
M: Men's pant: 32 (Butt: 37-40") // Inseam 32"
L: Men's pant: 34 (Butt: 41-44") // Inseam 33"
XL: Men's pant: 38 (Butt: 44-48") // Inseam 33"

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