5 DONATION Cotton Face Masks: With LA Protects

$23.75 $30

5-pack masks donated per purchase! THANK YOU!

This listing is for 5 of our 2-ply cotton (non-medical) face masks that follow the recommended Kaiser specs compliant with LA Protects for DONATION. 

As a small California business, our own business has been hit very hard by this pandemic, and we really appreciate your support with mask donations! We wish we were a larger company and were in the financial situation to donate thousands of masks ourselves, but unfortunately we quickly donated almost our entire donation supply and realized we wanted to give more than we could manage on our own. Your purchase allows us to put 5 additional masks directly in the hands essential workers and groups in need (we've donated to youth organizations, pediatric hospitals, retirement centers, and other organizations and groups in need). 

If you want your donated pack (or packs) to go to a SPECIFIC group or charitable organization, let us know! Include the name of the organization, mailing address, and a contact person in your order and we can ship your donated masks directly to the organization you request! 

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